Requirements for Song Circle initiation



I.                   Initiation into the Sean Ciall Line (see Sean Ciall Line requirements)


II.                Participation in the ritual of Fires of Lughnasadh, at least once as a part of Song Circle. And at least 70% of scheduled Song Circle meetings during at least a 12 month period.


III.               Attain at least a novice/learning level of knowledge in each of the following categories (as demonstrated by the given examples or equivalent as determined by your initiator) and proficiency in at least one. There is a lot of potential cross over in these categories, so it may be that one project could span many of them.

Prior to requesting initiation, it is mandatory for the candidate to coordinate a meeting with the Song Circle Leader(s) to review their accomplishments to date. At that time, the leadership will advise the candidate on specific areas that would benefit from improvement.

  1. Vocal Music
    1. (Novice Level) – Sing frequently, taking opportunities to use and expand your vocal talents as they are offered to you (i.e. singing with ritual choirs, bardic sing-alongs, bardic performance, karaoke). Novice level Song Circle members should strive to perform at every FoL Bardic if possible, either in solo or ensemble.
    2. (Master) – Learning vocal music specifically for public performance, seeking out opportunities for professional performance or sales (recording CDs for sale, charging admission for performances). Should work on at least one performance piece as a solo artist (can be backed by an ensemble). Taking vocal lessons. Study of music theory.


  1. Instrumental Music
    1. (Novice Level) – Practice at least one musical instrument with the goal of playing it in any of the following contexts (ritual, bardic, public jam session, ceilidh) either in solo or ensemble.
    2. (Master) – Learning and/or composing instrumental music specifically for public performance, seeking out opportunities for professional performances or sales (recording CDs for sale, charging admission for performances). Should work on at least one performance piece as a solo artist (can be backed by an ensemble). Taking instrumental lessons. Study of music theory.
  2. Spoken Word
    1. (Novice level) – Practice one or more of the following: poetry reading/recitation, public speaking, storytelling, theatrical scenes (solo or ensemble), ritual presentation (liturgical works, invocations, etc.). Take opportunities to exercise these skills as they arise (rituals, bardic, workshop presentations).
    2. (Master) – Seek out opportunities to perform professionally/publicly. Proficiency in this category mainly applies to professional theater work or work with specific public speaking emphasis (politics, teaching, etc.).
  3. Written Word
    1. (Novice Level) – Focus in this category is on writing of all kinds: poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, theatrical, technical, ritual, etc. At the novice level one should keep a personal record of their written works, sharing selections at bardics or poetry readings or via blogs/webpages, etc. (miscellaneous ramblings via LJ do not count).
    2. (Master) – Writers at the Master should be seeking publication or public acclaim outside of their personal community, and should have achieved it to some degree.
  4. Languages
    1. (Novice Level) – For this category the candidate should study at least one foreign language, through school coursework or via at  Home study guides. Completion of an at  Home series or one quarter in an accredited school will meet this requirement. Extra points if it’s Gaelic!
    2. (Master) – Proficiency in languages will be achieved through conversation or readable fluency.
  5. Musical Magick
    1. (Novice Level) – A novitiate musical magician will have worked through the FoL ritual with the Song Circle as well as practiced other methods of using music in magickal works. Attending Song Circle meetings and participating in musical energy exercises is another good way to fulfill this. (Required reading: *Sacred Sounds* by Ted Andrews; *The World Is Sound* by Nada Brahma).
    2. (Master) – A proficient musical magician will have taken the basic concepts of the novice level and taken them a step further. They might do this by writing new rituals or exercises utilizing the concepts, or combing concepts to try new and experimental things and sharing them with Song Circle.
  6. Academics
    1. (Novice Level) – Attend workshops, read handouts, pursue information (books, articles, websites) with regard to Sean Ciall and it’s relationship to:

                                                               i.      History: Celtic cultures, Bardic Traditions, The Druids, etc (Required reading: *Carmina Gadelica, Hymns and Incantations* tr. Alexander Carmichael)

                                                             ii.      Science/Mathematics: Physics of music and magick, Quantum Theory, String Theory (required reading: *The Cosmic Octave* by Cousto)

                                                            iii.      Literature: Fiction that draws upon the same cultures that we do. (Required reading: *Bard, The Odyssey of the Irish* by Morgan Llywelyn).

    1. (Master) – Pursue Research, draw conclusions, develop theories, share them (write them, and kill another bird with that stone).


IV.              Level of proficiency or accomplishment should be demonstrated through performance, or by showing evidence of performance. When appropriate, invitations should be made to SC members to attend performances meeting the requirements for initiation. Upon requesting initiation the candidate will be required to present a CV outlining projects undertaken to complete these requirements. The candidate may be asked to demonstrate proficiency in any area deemed necessary by Song Circle leadership. In cases where there are a high number of candidates, a special Bardic may be schedules for such performances. Once the Song Circle has within its body three or more circle initiates, the review process will hopefully involve no fewer than three initiates.


V.                 Reading Requirements


a.       Sacred Sounds by Ted Andrews

b.      The World Is Sound by Nada Brahma

c.       Carmina Gadelica, Hymns and Incantations, tr. Alexander Carmichael

d.      The Cosmic Octave by Cousto

e.       Bard, The Odyssey of the Irish by Morgan Llywelyn


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