Spell Circle Training Materials



High Magicks

Spell Circle Initiation Requirements

Circle Casting and Anointing (exercise)

Basic Sean Ciall Energy Work (essay)

The Energy Spindle  (exercise)

Blue Stone (exercise)

Low Magicks

Low Magick Explained (essay)

Lecture Notes: Chakras and Psychic First Aid (handout)

Astral Projection

Candle Magick Lecture Notes (handout)

Hebrew LBRP (exercise)

Scott Cunningham's "Earth Power": A Learning Tool for the Student (created by and copyright C. Holstein)

Basic String Theory Q&A (essay)

The Science of Breath (e-book, outside link)

Magickal Languages:

Learn to be a Gaelic Speaker (or just sound like one) (handout)

Seattle's Gaelic Society (outside link)

BBC Alba (Radio Station) (Gaelic Radio Station, outside link)

Search Gaelic Dictionaries (outside link)


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