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    Cearcall a Drùidheachd, the Circle of Spell, works strictly with magick. While it can be argued that Sword and Song Circles are working magick of their own, their focus is not entirely on the energy work itself. As Sword Circle is the body of Sean Ciall and Song Circle the mind, Spell Circle is the Spirit. Spell Circle's function is to raise and direct the energy of the group. This is not to say that only Spell circle works energy, but rather that we are the ones whose purpose is to guide, direct, and give shape to the Will of the Spirit. Our symbols are the stave, mistletoe and the colour white. A studious reader will note the commonalities of our symbols with those of other 18th and 19th century reconstructions of Druidism.

Members of the circle are not priests or priestesses of Sean Ciall line, we are the magicians. Spell Circle works with both drùidheachd-àrd (high magick) and drùidheachd-ìosal (low magick). This system of classification is used to refer to magicks specific to the Sean Ciall line or high magick, and all other magicks or low magicks. The differentiation is not to place value on one way of working magick over another, but simply to state that our line has methods of working energy that are apparently unique. The techniques are no more or less valuable than duct tape is in comparison to neurosurgery. Each has its place, and neither can replace the other.

    High magick, as we define it, is the alchemy of Sean Ciall. It is the alchemy of the balance of the elements, and also the alchemy of life and death, creation and destruction, male and female. As such, there is no magick that is not sex magick. This is not to say that all magick involves the physical union between two (or more) people, nor that heterosexual union is uniquely divine. Rather, it implies that all magick is a unification of the willed reality with your current reality. These two forces meet, and create a new and different reality in which your will manifests. The single most powerful, profound and beautiful force humans can harness is the union of female and male to create a new mind, body and spirit. This is the essence of all magick. When working with high magick, the Sean Ciall cleft pentacle or compass rose is drawn or otherwise placed on the ground as a symbolic reminder of this, and to contain and focus the energies raised within.

    Low magick is all other magicks. Spell circle works with other Celtic and NeoDruidic magickal systems in addition to Qabalah, Wicca, Hindu magicks and many other systems and techniques. This is for the simple reason that they work, and they work well. We will not hesitate to combine old and new styles of magick to create a form that works well for our purposes; ours is not a static tradition.

    We have no required tools, but instead place far more value in the magick of found things. Ours is the magick of the earth, sky and sea. Ideally our work is done outdoors in a woodland or other wilderness setting. The mild maritime northwest climate generally allows for our rituals and workings to be done in a natural setting and in our traditionally skyclad manner. This represents the state of physical and mental nakedness each member strives to have with each other and the group as a whole.

    Initiates of Spell Circle are expected to master a wide range of skills. Divination, using both tradition-specific techniques such as the ogham and non-specific techniques such as scrying and augury. Mastery of energy working techniques includes skill sets from Wicca, ceremonial magick, and Sean Ciall. All initiates are trained in physical and psychic first aid and healing, including herbalism. Initiates of Spell Circle also have a basic understanding of a variety of topics ranging from meteorology and astronomy to conversational Gaelic and natural history.

"Essay (c)C. Adler"