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Song Circle is the circle of the mind.  We are dedicated to the study of:

1. Music

This includes both vocal music and instrumental music.  In the circle we strive to better ourselves as musicians by practicing in as many venues as possible and with as many people as possible. 

 1. History

We are interested in the mythology of the Gaelic speaking countries, the evolution of the Celtic musical instruments, and the history of the people themselves.

 2. Both written and spoken word

The writing and passing down of stories/songs/poetry is how people and traditions maintain themselves.  We are interested in both maintaining the word of others and creating our own pieces.  

 3. Languages

The study of different languages is illuminating in the process of discovering how humans communicate with each other.  We are specifically interested in the study of Gaelic to better our understanding of the songs we sing and the power of the words said in ritual.

 4. Sound Magick

Sound/Music is one of the most powerful natural tools that we possess.  In all cultures sound has been used as a way to communicate with the divine.  We practice using sound magick as a healing tool, as a way to raise energy, and as a method of connecting ourselves to the world vibrations around us.

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